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Review Policy


To whom it may concern,

Thank you for checking out my review policy page.

Before we go into any farther into the details of my terms please note: My acceptance of your book does not guarantee a review. It simply means I am agreeing to consider it for review.

I have the right to not give a review if after twenty (20) to thirty (30) pages I do not find interest in the said book.

The reason for this is that I will never give out a bad review. I find this bad marketing for the author and publishing house and overall embarrassing, instead, should I not like the said book, I will email the given contact and deliver said contact my thoughts, etc.

The order in which I review books, when I do review them, is at my discretion (unless otherwise whished by author and/or publisher).


Formats I will accept:




Finished copies


What book I will review:


YA (romance, fiction, fantasy, etc)

Some Historical Fiction

Middle Grade Fiction (fantasy, fiction, action adventure, etc)

Adult fiction (thriller, mystery, women’s fiction)


What I will not review:

Adult romance

Science fiction

YA dystopian

How I review: I write honest reviews that are given a star-scale rating. I try to keep the audience in mind when rating a novel. This includes release date, publisher’s blurb of the book, and a rating.

The ratings are as follows:

1 Stars – The book was tolerable and may be enjoyed for a quick and easy, fun read …

2 Stars – The book was ok and may be best suited for readers who like and are familiar with the author…

3 Stars – The book was good and may be for readers who like…

4 Stars – The book was excellent and will most probably interest the reader to want to visit the writers other’s work/ next in series

5 stars- The book was beyond brilliant and will make readers highly interested in other works/ next in series..

Because of the sheer number of book I receive/ choose to review/ have on my own book shelves, I make no promises to respond to all of them.

If I am interested in discussing your novel further, rest assured, I’ll be in touch. How you will know if I reviewed: I confirm receipt of all books via email unless given an arc through NetGallery, etc.. I will also contact you when I begin reading the novel, and link you to the review once it is posted. When I do review, I post them here on the blog, as well as on goodreads. I may also post the review on Amazon.

If I make a twitter account I may also post a link to my blog.

This is a non-profit review blog! I do not receive any compensation for my reviews, and the reviews I write reflect my own personal experience with and opinions of those books.

In place of a review… I may offer to invite the author or publishing company to participate in one of the blogs features or series upon/in place of reading the novel, and will post links to the feature or series on the above-mentioned web pages. I also host Author/Reader Discussion (Q&A) I look forward to working with you, and becoming a part of the book promotional process! I am open to working with various authors, publishers, publicists, and literary agencies.

To contact me please send an email to bibliophilicjane@gmail.com