Who and What is Bibliophilic Jane?

Welcome my dear friends to my blog! 

Bibliophilic Jane is the identity of a small town of a girl on the merge to womanhood. she holds a diploma in freelance writing. She is about to go for a degree in graphic design. She has been reading books way before she could even walk or talk. She is a striving writer and hopes to publish a book one day. She owns four dogs, four cats, six ferrets, one guinea pig, four hamsters, and one bunt rabbit. She is in a beautiful relationship with a man who is geeky just like her. She lives with her mom, dad, and sister. A fun fact about Bibliophilic Jane is that she is autistic! Her lifelong dream is to bring people to more books!


Bibliophilic Jane began in April 2016. Bibliophilic Jane is a home base for book reviews on YA, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Adult Fiction (mystery, thriller, suspense, action adventure, and women’s fiction), Middle Grade fiction.

It is a non-profit and fangirl based blog to encourage others to read and find great book. It also helps put writers (new and veteran) and publishers in the spotlight.

For my review policy see the page: Jane’s terms.

Among the reviews that find their home here, don’t be surprised to find other book related content like:

  • Popular memes
  • To be read books
  • Weekly spotlights
  • Q&A’s
  • Maybe an interview or two
  • And a lot more!

Every Friday a review will be posted- but not to worry throughout the week other bookish goodies with be shared with my lovely readers which you can find examples of above. I also am all ears on ideas or changes to my blog.

I also on various media such as Tumblr; Twitter; Goodreads: and Instagram.

Hope you decide to follow me on here or follow my other media outpost to keep up to date with my blog!


Happy reads,





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